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Come in and a warm welcome to Fishbones.

This site features my work and the work of some talented Artisans from the local area.

The factors which unite us, are a passion for "making": jewellery, mosaic, wire birds, fish, handmade cards, boats and photography, all inspired by the waters and shorelines of the beautiful Morecambe Bay.

We are also passionate about the environment. Many of us forage on the shoreline and beyond for materials including recycled wire, wood driftwood and sea glass We also support and appreciate important local and national charities including Bay Rescue, RNLI, Curlew Action and RSPB.

As a largely self taught (and still learning!) metalsmith, I am constantly inspired by the views from my window. Estuary birds, fish caught by our local Fisher-people, Trevor and Margaret, plus the changing tides and seasons.

My jewellery is mainly sterling silver but I also make pieces from copper. Items can always be modified, just email me.

I'm so lucky to have a workshop near to the shore and will hopefully post regular pictures of my (messy) bench and the beautiful scenery from my window.

Last year I was fortunate to get my own local workshop space from which I can create and watch the birds and the seasons.

Prompted by a need to cover my workshop windows and a small glass door panel at home, I have recently begun to create small beaded curtains. Made of quality glass beads and crystals, these curtain panels hang from driftwood poles and catch the light beautifully. I can make these in most sizes... just ask!

Have a look around here and feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for visiting!

Take care.    Steph X